The new Kindle e-reader was announced earlier this week and is the culmination of the company’s effort to make its e-book store more appealing to consumers.

Its new design has been designed to look similar to the old Kindle and includes a new feature that lets you add a new title to your library of books, rather than just browsing the bookmarks on your bookshelves.

The new feature works a little differently from previous versions of the Kindle.

It is available to users of Kindle Fires and Fire HD tablets, as well as to the Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Fire HDX, Kindle Paper Black and Kindle Touch, the new version of the device says.

The feature is a little different from the ones found in other ebook readers.

It doesn’t allow you to add titles to your bookmarks, and instead allows you to drag and drop them to your home screen.

The only way to add a title to a bookmarks is to drag the title from the home screen to the bookmark bar, or tap and hold on the title.

If you drag the bookmark bar to the top of the screen, the book will appear in the book list.

You can also tap and drag a book from the bookshelf to the bookmark.

You can also drag a bookmark from the booklist to the bottom of the book screen, or add it to the library using the new bookmarks feature.

The idea is that a user can add multiple titles to their bookshevels without leaving the book.

The bookmarks are still visible in the library, but you can’t add new titles, so it is unclear how often they will appear.

The new feature doesn’t work in the app, and it doesn’t appear to work on Kindle Fire tablets.

The Kindle Fire e-readers also support the Kindle Music app, which allows users to store, stream and listen to music.

You need to be signed in to access the library of your choice, and users will need to have an account on the Kindle app to make use of the library.

Amazon is selling a number of new books, including a new edition of James Patterson’s book The Great American Novel, and an audiobook of the same title by author Margaret Atwood.

Amazon has also published two new audio books.