The books on offer in this month’s Random House Children’s Book Awards are a lot like those you’ll find in the children’s section of a supermarket: small, sweet and, above all, fun.

As one of the judges pointed out, the focus is not on the story but on the joy and surprise that comes from reading a book like The Happy Ending, which takes place in a post-apocalyptic world in which the world is being destroyed by an alien virus.

A children’s book of the year is a pretty safe bet, especially one that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

But there are a couple of ways that Random House’s books can be fun to read and they have to be. 1.

They are full of humor 2.

They offer an escape from reality, which is important for kids to have fun with 3.

They make you laugh and are, by and large, fun 4.

You won’t be disappointed in the way you experience them Random House has an annual awards program for children’s books that is meant to be a platform for the company to showcase and reward books that are as engaging as they are clever.

The company’s annual awards ceremony takes place at New York’s El Capitan Theatre on December 16.

At the awards show, the finalists in each category will be announced and the winner will receive a special award, usually a signed book or bookplate.

The winning books will be released in January, with the winner getting an exclusive title, while the runner-up will get the chance to meet the winner at a book signing.

These are the winners of the annual awards for children.

This year, the winner was a children’s author called Jodi Stoll, who won for The Happy Endings.

The Happy ending follows a group of orphans as they go to live with their parents in the town of Littleton, Massachusetts.

The book has a fun, simple, upbeat tone that works well with the themes of survival and survivalism that are at the heart of the story.

You could easily find a children in this book, Stoll told the audience.

Stoll is a very well-known author and she has a book coming out in February that will focus on the lives of three other children who are orphans in a small town.

These three are known as the Stoll Sisters.

Jodi’s book is set in a different time, but she is the one who manages to find a place in the world in her books.

It is a book that is very similar to the kind of world we live in today, which can be very challenging to find in a childrens book, she said.

She also has a few of her own ideas about how to create a story that would work best with her children’s world, but that’s where she ends up finding her creative voice.


You will enjoy reading them in a relaxed, non-intrusive way The Happy endings is a short story and the story in The Happy Ends is just a little more than that.

There are a few short stories in the collection, but this one is a story about a little boy and his little sister.

The story tells the story of a little girl, but it’s not a typical children’s story.

The little girl is not a girl, it’s a little baby.

And the little boy has his little secret, his secret.

And this little boy is a good kid.

This is an adventure, a tale of a boy trying to make sense of a world he doesn’t understand, and it’s really funny, said Stoll.

She is a writer of books that can be enjoyed as a book, a story, a book of stories.

But it is not one of those books that you’ll be looking forward to reading every day.

There is a lot of laughter and a lot more laughter than a normal book.

The Stoll sisters are a bit more relaxed and the book is really light.

The children in The Stolls book are not very bright and it is a little bit darker.

There’s a lot to get through and to enjoy, said Jodi.

The whole book is about finding the good in the bad.

And that is what makes it fun to look through the books.


They will give you an escape From reality: This is where the children will get their escape from the chaos.

When they go into Littleton to live, the children are in hiding.

The adults are searching for them.

The town is devastated.

But they have found a way out, Stoklowski said.

There will be a big fire and a flood, and they’ll have to deal with the destruction, but there will be something wonderful to do with it.

The kids in the book will find a safe place in Littleton and a place to escape the chaos and the fire.

The parents will not be able to get back to Littleton for a long time, Storllows book says.

This book is just about the kids.

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