“Mixed media” is the term used to describe a music publishing industry that has been growing in recent years and is set to be more of a part of the Austin music scene in the near future.

The Austin-based company Walsworth Publishing has already been expanding into Austin, Austin’s newest music city, with an office in the University of Texas at Austin campus, and a larger distribution network in the city.

The company is also currently planning to move its Austin offices into an even larger building at the corner of Third and State streets, which is currently occupied by the city’s largest music publishing company, Walsworthy.

The office is expected to be a major component of the company’s larger distribution and promotion strategy for the Austin area, and Wals Worth is expected at some point to launch its own music platform that will offer a service similar to Spotify, a subscription service that’s popular with musicians.

Walswick’s offices at 3121 Third Street will house an extensive selection of the best local artists, as well as the company has plans to expand to other Austin venues.

While the company is currently in the process of expanding its Austin headquarters, Willsons CEO and cofounder Ryan Smith told Next Big Futures that he believes the company will eventually expand to new areas of Austin.

“We have a lot of great partners in Austin right now, we’re building a lot more of an online presence and the team is going to be based out of Austin,” Smith said.

“We’ve got some good talent already here in Austin, and we want to expand and get more of our talent to Austin as well.”

Willsworth is also planning to expand its Austin office to the University Health Science Center and Austin College of Art and Design, Smith added.