Microsoft is looking to open up its publishing business to independent publishers and other digital platforms.

Speaking to the Financial Review in Sydney, Microsoft Publishing Director, Craig Wright, said it was a great idea and he hoped to see cross-platform publishing become a reality.

“We think there’s an opportunity for cross-channel publishing,” Mr Wright said.

“There are a lot of great publishing platforms, but there’s a lot that doesn’t scale to the scale of what we want.”

“So we’ve been working on cross-Channel publishing for a long time and we’re going to try to do that in the future.”

If there’s interest in that then we’ll open it up to the community.

“Mr Wright said Microsoft had been in discussions with a number of publishers including Pearson, which published a number books in 2017.”

This is going to be the first cross-digital publishing platform, so it’s going to start with the cross-branded books, and we want to try and scale that,” Mr Worts said.

He said Microsoft would open up the program to all publishers who wanted to use it.”

The way we’ve started it is by having the publisher submit their books to Microsoft for cross platform publishing.

“And we will then allow that to be published and then it can be delivered directly to publishers.”

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