Amazon launched a new Kindle book app this week, allowing users to read, purchase, and share books on their phones.

It also announced it will begin allowing Kindle book purchases at local Amazon stores.

Amazon’s Kindles are currently available in Ireland and Wales, and the company says that it has about 10 million Kindle owners worldwide.

The Kindle app lets users search for and download books, check the availability of upcoming releases, read news, or browse for titles.

The app also allows users to download new books and purchase new titles directly from Amazon, and to stream books from its Kindle Unlimited digital library.

It’s not clear how the new app will work for book publishers, but the Kindle app is expected to be free to download for both ebook and audiobook readers, as well as for those who own a Kindle.

It will be up to book publishers to choose whether or not they want to sell the new apps on their platform.

In a blog post announcing the launch of the app, Amazon said it’s also working on a “multi-platform eBook reader and a more advanced eBook reading experience”.

It said it is currently working on ways to bring the Kindle ebook reading experience to other devices and platforms, and that the company is looking to offer new Kindle devices, such as the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HDX, to ebook readers.

It said that it is also looking to expand the Kindle service to include apps for iOS and Android.

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