Macmillann Australia has announced that its online publishing platform, Omni, has become the first to introduce an email newsletter template.

The company said the new email template has been developed in collaboration with an email marketing agency, who will then develop a newsletter with the template, to be sent to all users within 24 hours of publication.

Omni is also launching a free newsletter template that users can download.

The newsletter template is designed to simplify the process of getting a newsletter out to your audience.

“The email newsletter templates have evolved from a simple Google Doc to the most flexible and scalable newsletter templates available on the web,” said Macmillana’s Head of Email Marketing, Kevin McAllister.

“We’re thrilled to have this opportunity to deliver on our commitment to deliver the best email marketing tools to Macmillans and customers across the globe.”

The email newsletter is an email template that can be used for any number of emails, and is used for a wide range of email marketing channels, including social media, newsletters, and newsletters for publishers.

Omni said the newsletter template will be available from Monday, March 10.

“This is a really exciting time for Omni and the Macmillians,” said Omni’s Head Marketing and Publisher, Stephen McAllisters.

“Omni is introducing an innovative and highly scalable email marketing solution, with a new newsletter template, that users will be able to download within 24hrs of publication.”

Omni’s new newsletter templates can be downloaded from the Omni website.

It can also be downloaded as an app for iPhone, Android and iPad.

Omni also said that it has a dedicated email marketing team in Melbourne, and that it is also working with a marketing agency to develop a free email newsletter that is free for all users.

Macmillania’s email newsletter platform is available for free to all Macmillaniacs.

MacMillania will be offering a free “email newsletter template” on its website, as well as other email marketing services.

“Today we are announcing the launch of Omni’s email marketing platform to all of our users, including Macmillain Australia customers,” said Mr McAllimmers.

“It is an exciting time to be at Omni.

We have been working closely with a highly talented team of designers and engineers to build an incredibly flexible, powerful and user-friendly email marketing system that has become incredibly popular in the last year.”

Omni says it has over 12,000 email subscribers in Australia.

“There are over 4,000,000 emails sent every day, with an average inbox size of about 100,000 messages.

It is important for us to offer an email platform that is scalable and efficient for our users and we’ve taken a number of measures to make this happen.

We’ve created a team of experienced marketing professionals and we’re very excited to get going with the new newsletter,” Mr McAnisters said.

Omni has previously introduced email templates for the MacMillans, including one for a number the company had previously said it had sold, the “Macmillan newsletter for Mac”, which was available for purchase at $149.

The email template for Omni’s newsletter has been created by a marketing firm in Melbourne.

It has a very simple design, and can be easily configured to include or exclude specific topics, as needed.

The new newsletter will be released as an update to the MacMallan email newsletter, which is still available on Omni’s website.

Omni’s first email newsletter will also be launched in Australia later this year.

MacMillan Australia will also publish an “email marketing newsletter” on Omni, which it said will be free to subscribers.

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