A year on, Google Play has made great strides towards becoming the leading digital publisher for books and books in general.

As a result, it is now a viable alternative for publishers and authors alike.

Read More , it has also made great progress in bringing books to the masses through Google Play’s own ecosystem.

But while Google Play still offers the most popular ebook publishing platform for books in the world, it has recently added the ability to publish books through Amazon’s Kindle platform.

This has resulted in more and more publishers and writers migrating to Amazon’s platform to make their books available to Amazon customers.

As a result of this move, many publishers and booksellers are looking to Amazon to offer their books directly to Amazon users.

This article is aimed to help you understand what this means and what you need to do to get your books on Amazon’s new ebook platform.

Google Play and Kindle have the same basic features and are very similar in terms of content.

However, in terms or functionality, Google and Kindle differ in several ways.

Google Play offers a much more simplified platform, while Kindle has a much deeper catalog of titles available.

Here is what you’ll need to know about these two platforms to understand how they can be used together to create a seamless digital publishing experience.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what each platform can do for you.

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