An online magazine called “Hate” published an excerpt of a book titled “How To Stop Being White” by Jemima Khan last week, and the publisher of the publication, Bethany House Publishers, is not happy about it.

The excerpt of the book by Khan, titled “The Truth About Racism: What We Don’t Know About It” and a follow-up to her book “Black Women Can’t Stop Talking About Racists,” has been widely shared online.

“It’s a blatant and shameless attempt to sell hate and bigotry, especially against Black people,” Bethany’s Vice President of Publishing, Julie Williams, told Newsweek.

“The book doesn’t actually say anything that would be offensive or hurt anyone.”

Khan’s book, in part, attempts to explain the racial dynamics of the US.

It argues that racism has historically existed in America, but it has evolved over time and has been transformed by the influence of the Black civil rights movement.

According to the book, the history of racism is not linear, but has been driven by a series of social and economic changes in the US and its Caribbean colonies, which led to the expansion of the black population and the enslavement of Black people.

The book also explains the current political landscape of the United States and its role in its current racial tensions.

“In our society, racism is an idea, a concept, a term, not a fact,” Khan wrote in her book.

“Racism is a political and economic reality that cannot be explained by race, ethnicity, gender or religion.”

Williams told Newsweek that the excerpt of “The True Story” was an attempt to “explain the racial politics of the nation and its history.

This excerpt is in no way intended to be racist, hateful, or harmful.”

In response to the excerpt, Bethanny House Publishers has launched a petition to remove the excerpt from the book.

It has already garnered more than 100 signatures.

Williams, however, believes that “the entire excerpt has been edited and distorted to sell the book.”

“To think that a person with the title of the ‘editor of hate’ would be in charge of a publication of that title is a blatant attempt to peddle hate and to sell it anywhere in the country,” Williams said.

“We believe this to be a direct attack on the publisher’s values, the ideals and mission of Bethany house.”

In the excerpt that was released, Khan states that “it’s time to stop being white,” and she then refers to “the racist rhetoric of the last century.”

The excerpt also includes a list of phrases that are commonly used by the Black community in the United State and Caribbean, including “black lives matter,” “black power,” and “the future of black America.”

The publisher told Newsweek, “The title of this book and its inclusion in the publication is intended to paint a picture of a future where white supremacy is in full effect, and where the future of Black America is under threat.”

Williams added, “I think this is an attempt at whitewashing a historical moment.

There is no reason that the future should be threatened or threatened in any way, shape or form.”

She added that “anybody who wants to read this book should do so at their own risk, and we will not be commenting on the contents of this publication.”

Khan, who is the founder of the organization Black Girls Matter and an attorney, is a white woman.

She said she “is not a racist” and that her book was not intended to “discredit anyone’s views, but to present a realistic, accurate and honest portrait of the history, current state of affairs, and current conditions of Black Americans.”

Khan also claimed that her books are not meant to promote racism and that she believes that the Black people in the U.S. “have been living in constant fear of the consequences of the racism that we are seeing in our country.”

“It is time for the mainstream media to stop pretending that racism is a ‘thing of the past,’ and to instead take a hard look at the systemic racism that still exists in our nation,” Williams added.

“Black women have been living under this threat of racism for a long time and we are not going to give up that freedom any time soon.”

The book was also criticized by the NAACP.

The National Black Media Coalition released a statement on Wednesday in which they condemned Bethany for publishing “Hateful Words” and for trying to “deliberately undermine the lives of Black women.”

“Hence, Bethania Khan’s work on Hate Magazine is a direct assault on Black women and women of color,” the statement reads.

“Bethany House will not stand for this.”

Bethany published the book in October.

The magazine’s editor in chief, Amy Bower, said in a statement to Newsweek that she does not agree with the excerpt.

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