Recode, the tech news website, is using Google Street View to show the citys progress in a data crunch.

In a story about how Google Maps can help cities make better decisions, the site explains that data like how many people are walking to work, how many shops are open and how many stores are open is a huge part of cities planning.

In addition, it highlights how Google Street Views can help people see where other people are moving and where they are going.

Google Maps also helps the company find data like street lights, which can give insights into traffic patterns.

Google has been building out a mapping service for cities since the late 1980s, and the company has been expanding its service over time.

Google StreetView is just the latest in the company’s efforts to improve its mapping service.

In February, the company released an app that shows real-time information on the locations of major road closures in major cities like New York City.

And in August, the app launched in New York’s Central Park.

Google also said in September that it will expand its Street View service to more cities in 2018.