Amazon has been quietly closing out its publishing division.

The company announced the move Wednesday in an email to employees, and it follows a $1 billion buyout by a Japanese technology company.

The new Amazon publishing team will focus on the e-book business and the Kindle, a consumer device that lets people read online.

The move follows the news last month that Amazon had shuttered its publishing operation.

The publishing division, which Amazon bought in 2015 for $775 million, had been in a state of decline, but Amazon had been building its own publishing platform.

“It is no longer possible to offer the Kindle and Kindle apps as separate offerings, which has been a big concern for publishers,” CEO Jeff Bezos wrote in the email.

Amazon, which had been developing its own digital publishing business for several years, has struggled to sell the new platform to publishers.

The division’s last major sale was in July, when Amazon bought a publishing publishing house for $1.6 billion.

Amazon’s digital publishing unit had grown to around 10% of Amazon’s sales, according to research firm Technomic.

It sold $3.4 billion of books last year.

The Kindle and Amazon have been trying to expand into new markets for years, with the two companies focusing on e-books and other content that’s not native to the Kindle.

Amazon has a growing e-commerce business in the United States, but the company is focused on expanding its distribution business outside of the U.S. to drive growth in the country.

The digital publishing division was founded by David Sheldrick and David Platt in 2014.

Sheldricks had been leading Amazon’s publishing business in Los Angeles.

Amazon acquired publishing company Crown Publishing in November, just months after the deal was announced.