The title for the third volume of Lulu’s bestselling and critically acclaimed dystopian novel, The Darkest Days, is here.

The first two volumes, Darker Days: The Fall of the City and The Fall: The City, have been out since December.

The new third volume, titled The Darker Nights, is expected to arrive sometime this spring, according to Lulu, though details on that title have yet to be announced.

Lulu will be selling The Darkers at its office 365 store, as well as its retail store, which will also be selling the new series.

Lively, lighthearted, and darkly humorous, the trilogy is the first of three volumes of The Dark, which Lulu co-created and published in 2015 with The Darkening Earth publisher Simon & Schuster.

The trilogy follows the rise of an urban apocalypse, a post-apocalyptic future, and the consequences of humanity’s response to a natural disaster.

“The Darker Times is a celebration of Lizzy and her writing, with a twist of a darker tone,” the company said in a press release.

“We have been honored to work with the Lulu team, which has created a book that we feel is uniquely Lulu and is sure to be enjoyed by readers everywhere.”

The Dark Times, which comes out May 29, follows the events of the first volume, and focuses on the city’s aftermath.

It features a new, darker, and more ominous tone, according the press release, and will be written by Lulu writers Daniel V. Johnson and David E. Ochoa.

“Our plan is to release The Darking Times in May 2019, and it will be available exclusively to our office 365 customers, who will be able to purchase the series at our office locations,” the press released.

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