zHealth Publishing, the online health publishing company, announced on Monday that it is revamping its print content to make it easier for readers to find its content.

In a blog post, the company said it is “rebuilding” its online publishing platform.

“We’re building a better digital experience that helps you find the best health information you need right from your news feed,” said Tom Cavanaugh, chief marketing officer for zHealth.

“It’s going to make things easier to find and consume health information on our site, and help our readers get the information they need from the best content they can find.”

The change comes as the company’s print products are undergoing a turnaround as a result of growing digital traffic.

zHealth launched its newsstand and digital publishing platforms in January, when it acquired the publishing rights to a number of medical journals.

That deal led to the acquisition of an online newsstand service and the creation of zHealth Digital, a digital publishing platform that launched in March. is now available on the platform, as well as, and

z Health’s print-only offering, zHealthBook, was launched in November.

Cavanaugh said the company has been “exploring” ways to make zHealth’s print content easier to use and use on mobile devices.

“One of the challenges we had was with print content, especially when it comes to health information, is that it’s incredibly difficult to navigate on the web,” Cavanaugh wrote.

“The more we focused on mobile, the easier it was to understand the content.

We have a solution that allows people to navigate the content on the website on their phone, tablet or PC without needing to go to any particular browser, making it easier to consume.”

The company said that in the coming months, it plans to launch a print-specific version of z Health Publishing, z HealthBook, and z HealthNews.

zHarm’s digital content will be available in a variety of formats, including print, digital and app.

The company also plans to offer a free subscription service that will allow zHealth subscribers to access its print and digital content in a way that does not conflict with other subscription offerings.

z HARM said in its blog post that it will provide an API that will enable it to “make our content available in any format that you want, including digital.”

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