LULU, a new digital media publisher, will partner with Adsense, Inc. to sell its print titles, according to an update from its press release.

The move comes on the heels of the announcement of a merger with Amazon Web Services, a merger that Lulu had announced on January 5.

Lulu and Adsense have also signed a new, long-term agreement to create a digital publishing company called Adsense Publishing Group. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Lulu,” said Chris Arnold, the company’s president and chief content officer.

“Adsense Publishing will help us continue to drive revenue growth through the digital marketplace.” 

Adsense will purchase Lulu’s digital properties including the popular comic book series Thor, the video game franchise Destiny, and the popular TV series Arrested Development.

LULI’s digital content will also continue to be available through Adsense’s existing and new platforms, including YouTube, Amazon Video, and its own digital platforms, iBooks, Kindle, and Apple’s iTunes. 

AdSense will also sell Lulu print titles such as the popular comics Thor, Thor: The Dark World, Thor 2, and Thor: Ragnarok. 

Lulu also will expand its existing digital publishing services and offer digital subscription services to publishers, including Marvel Comics, Image Comics, IDW Publishing Group, Dark Horse Comics, and Titan Comics. 

A major part of this new agreement will be the integration of Lulu with AdSense’s digital services. 

In addition, Adsense will pay Lulu $250,000 to create and host a new platform for its print-only content, and AdSense will license Lulu content for ad campaigns on its digital platforms. 

The agreement was announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. 

 LULU will be able to offer digital products and services through AdSense, but the platform will not have an ad revenue model, according to the company. 

However, the agreement does include a new licensing model, in which LULUs content will be paid for by AdSense in addition to Lulu. 

This model will provide advertisers the ability to reach readers directly on the platform, and advertisers will have greater control over the purchase and delivery of digital content. 

Under this new model, LULu will continue to receive revenue from Adsense. 

Additionally, Lulu will not be a competitor in any way with Adtech or Adsense Online, which will remain as a separate entity. 

We will continue working closely with AdTech and Adtech Online to provide a robust digital platform for publishers, creators, creators partners, and fans. 

It’s an exciting time for Lulu, as we enter a new era in the digital publishing industry and an exciting future for all Lulu fans and creators, Arnold said. 

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