“We had a lot of fun,” said Mark Cerny, the chief executive of BAM, a New York-based publishing house that owns Simon & Schuster.

“We were thrilled by the success of the book, but we knew we needed to build a great business model and we had to grow it.”

BAM’s publishing strategy was built on a series of strategic bets.

The firm has traditionally focused on the digital realm and digital media.

It is known for its “digital book” business, which specializes in offering digital-only digital editions of traditional books, and the “digital books” business that offers online books with a single digital download.

The two ventures combined, the book publishing arm of BAMS, had an annual revenue of $8.5 billion and nearly 30,000 employees.

But the company’s growth was stunted by the collapse of Amazon, which collapsed in the wake of a massive book price-fixing scandal.

The company’s business model also was challenged by the rapid rise of Amazon’s Kindle platform, which has grown from a small publishing house to an online publishing juggernaut.

The strategy BAM employed was to go big on digital and then to shrink the business to the point where it could sustain itself with a few print-on-demand imprints.

To do that, the firm turned to the Big 5 publishers.

“The big five were the publishers that we had a relationship with,” Cernys said.

The book publishing business, though, was hit hard by the decline of the publishing industry as a whole. “

In the months before Amazon’s collapse, BAM made deals with some of the big-name publishers, including Simon &amps; Schuck, Penguin, HarperCollins, and Macmillan.

The book publishing business, though, was hit hard by the decline of the publishing industry as a whole.

BAM has been selling fewer books than it had a year ago, and its books have been out of print for more than a year.

“You have to be in a place where you are building a business, and you have to have an ecosystem where you can scale that business and sustain it.” “

As we looked at our book business, the idea that we are just going to sell books on Amazon and do a whole bunch of other things, it was not a very sustainable business model,” Cenys said in a recent interview.

“You have to be in a place where you are building a business, and you have to have an ecosystem where you can scale that business and sustain it.”

The strategy also has allowed the publisher to reorient its strategy to focus on digital, something it hadn’t done since the publishing boom of the 1980s.

BAMS has begun to invest in an online distribution platform called Kindle Direct Publishing, which is focused on digital books, not just print books.

Bams book publishing division is also developing a digital publishing business called BookLift, which focuses on digital distribution.

“It’s really about a different kind of approach to the business model, the way the business is structured,” Cena said.

In the meantime, BAMS is focusing on making sure it has the best content for the books it is publishing, and it is working on expanding its publishing footprint into the book market, where it has a strong presence.

“In the future, we will be expanding into the non-fiction, and we will have some other areas in the book business we are investing in,” Cennys said, adding that the firm was still in talks with other publishers about a possible deal to acquire a new imprint, but the deal had not yet been finalized.

The goal, Cernies said, is to “create a sustainable publishing model that we can continue to have for the next couple of years.”

“It was always about building an industry that has a big presence in the digital space and also a big footprint in the print market,” he said.

Bantam, which went public in 2010, is now in its fourth year of profitability.

In 2015, the company sold about 10 million copies of its first-print books.

The New York Times Book Review called Bantam a “new-wave book publisher,” noting that its books are “all about storytelling and telling stories.”

The Times wrote that “Bantam is doing the right thing by embracing the digital age, investing in content, and offering it to all readers who want it.”

In 2016, the New York Daily News called BAM a “giant publisher.”

The review noted that the company has “a deep bench of writers, a wide range of content, strong local distribution networks, and a big focus on making money from its books.”

Bantam has been making a lot more money than it did a decade ago.

Last year, the publisher’s revenue was $7.5 million.

This year, Bantam reported revenue of more than $10 billion, according to Thomson Reuters data. In an

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