Zhealth Publishing is using the Microsoft Office Publisher (MOAP) business model to launch its business in Canada.

“We’ve found that we have the best customer base in the world, and we’ve also found that our customers like being able to have a presence in a space that is familiar to them and that they are excited about,” said CEO and president Barton Stewart.

“In addition to having the best pricing, we are also able to provide them with the best of the digital distribution and marketing channels they can look to.”

Zhealth Publishing, which was founded in 2009 by Stewart and fellow microbiologist Ben Gazzaniga, has partnered with several companies including Zhealth Labs, to bring the company’s product to Canada.

Zhealth Labs has been using a MOAP model since 2014.

Z health is now planning to launch an online store in the fall of 2018.

“The first phase of this initiative will focus on getting Z health into more local communities,” Stewart said.

“As we grow the team and the business, we’re looking to expand that base to more Canadian communities.”

There are some communities that we believe have been overlooked by our existing business.

In order to support them, we’ve created a new business model that we are using for this expansion.

“The launch of Zhealth will be Zhealth’s first Canadian business and first international business, with Stewart stating the company plans to expand to other markets and regions.”

We’re not just going to be launching Zhealth, we’ll be launching all our products across all platforms.”