Koren Publishing, the largest independent publisher of books, has announced a new initiative to help authors reach their potential through the publishing concept.

The company is creating a new publishing concept called “koren,” which is an interactive concept that allows readers to explore, experiment and discover books as a means of reading and enjoying a book.

Koren is aiming to publish over 150 titles by the end of 2018, with more to follow.

The new concept will allow authors to use Koren’s digital platforms to showcase their works and to reach readers by “playing,” meaning reading, sharing and rereading books to discover new, interesting and unique stories.

Korento said it’s a “new kind of publishing that combines interactive, social and content-driven experiences to help publishers and authors realize their potential.

It also brings a whole new level of discovery for readers and creators.”

Koren’s new publishing concepts will include interactive stories, digital downloads, video, podcasts and e-books.

Korean-language publishers and publishers in the U.S. and Europe are already using the concept.

In a blog post announcing the new concepts, Koren said it will work with its partners and authors to “ensure their best ideas can reach their readers” and to help them develop their careers.

The concept also includes a new format called “tweens,” which will allow readers to “visit the Koren publishing platform to explore and discover new and exciting books,” and to “share their favorite Koren books with others.”

The new publishing model is being developed with the help of a new program, called “Koren Publishing Experiences,” which offers free and discounted Koren content to publishers and writers of different disciplines.

Kogon Publishers has a long history of publishing titles in Korean, with books published in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese.

The book publishing giant also said that Kogon has developed an “online publishing platform for publishing Korean-language titles.”

Kogo said its new publishing ventures will help publishers, authors and readers discover, discover and discover.

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