I just completed a four-month self-published book called A Little More, a story about an ordinary man, who’s trying to get back to his life as a man after a terrible tragedy.

When he goes on vacation to visit his mother, he meets a woman who’s a professional photographer who takes photos of him in his hometown.

She takes the photos and puts them up on a wall and tells him that they were taken by her father.

A little more.

But she also sends him a series of pictures of his own life, and then she says, You’ve never met my mother?

And he says, Oh, yes, I have.

So she tells him she is the daughter of a farmer and he goes to the farmer’s house and tells her, Thank you.

And then he says something to her that’s so sad, he thinks maybe he shouldn’t say that, and he just walks away.

The man doesn’t get back home.

And his mother doesn’t find out about it for months.

And so when she finally does find out, she tells her son, I wish I had met your mother when you were growing up.

And he goes, Well, thank you, mom.

He doesn’t want to say thank you.

So his mom goes to see him at the hospital and he’s in tears, and she says to him, I’m sorry, you were a bad boy.

And you’re sorry.

And she’s just like, You’re a really, really good boy.

But it’s not like she doesn’t love him.

He is really, truly sorry.

But his mom doesn’t understand why he is so sorry.

So what does he do?

He just says, I don’t know.

And her mother just says to her, Well you didn’t ask for this.

She just doesn’t know what to do with him.

So this is the first book that has been published by this small self-indulgent publishing company called Brave.

I started it out of a real need, because there was nothing for me to do in my life except be a writer.

I was just really lonely and I didn’t have a lot of money.

And it wasn’t until I started to write books that I had this sense of what I was supposed to do, and I thought, This is what I’m supposed to write.

And I just kind of gave it a shot, and it worked.

And the more I did it, the more it felt like a part of me.

And what’s happened over the last couple of years is that there’s been this kind of awakening of people in the book publishing industry who are realizing that it is possible to be published and be a successful writer.

It is possible.

But there are some things that need to be done before you can do it.

But this is how I got here.

This is how the people who are starting to take charge of publishing have become aware of the importance of self-Publishing, and this is why I have my book.

Because the people I’ve been writing about have always told me that they just wanted to have a good book and to be able to write about it.

So they didn’t want any pressure, no salespeople, no advertising, no marketing.

So I just said, Well I’ll take care of that.

And that’s how I started Brave.

And now I have a business and a team of writers, and we’re doing great, and everybody has been very supportive.

And every time we get some feedback, it makes me really excited.

Because they’re so interested in what’s going on, they really want to learn.

And we’re learning a lot.

So there are many people that I have spoken with who are very passionate about this book.

And they are so passionate that they’ve decided that it’s their duty to support me in what I’ve learned, and that’s why I’ve started this book with them.

And when I start, I will be very clear: I will not be selling books, nor will I be promoting anything.

And because of the nature of the book, I won’t be promoting any products or anything else.

I’ll be writing about my own experience and my life in a book, and sharing my thoughts about how I’m doing this, and what I can learn from it.

I’m really excited about it, and so is everybody else.

And this is what makes me so grateful that I was able to do it, that I am doing this with you.

This book is about my life, about my writing, and about me and the things that have shaped me over the years.

And people like my mom, and my father, and all of my friends and family.

And everybody’s helped me.

I hope that people will share this book, that they’ll say to their friends, I know you’re excited about this, that you want to read more about it and