By Michael KorsbergBloomsburg Publishing, the publishing giant behind the award-winning book “The End of the Tour,” is launching a new service that will help readers get access to the books they love and the stories they need to know.

The service will be offered through Bloomies’ online store, which is expected to be launched this summer.

“We know how difficult it is to get books in print.

But we know how important it is for readers to get their hands on the books and stories they love,” said Bloomies Publisher and Chief Executive Officer Mike Staggs.

“Bloomies Publishing is committed to supporting our authors and artists to share their stories with a wide audience.”

The new service will include a wide variety of content, including books, interviews, videos, and podcasts.

It will also offer access to a digital version of the books, where they will be available for reading on your phone or tablet.

“The new Bloomies platform is going to provide readers with an incredible array of content to choose from, and will help to connect with the stories and voices that matter most to our readers,” Stagg said.

“It’s a testament to the great work we’ve done with our authors, as well as the amazing support from our partners in publishing and distribution.”

Bloomies has long been an advocate for bringing stories to readers and, as of today, has a strong library of more than 1,500 titles.

The company has over 3,000 authors and more than 6,000 publishers.

Staggs said that Bloomies will provide a subscription option to those that choose to subscribe.

The subscription option will come with a number of benefits.

For instance, those that subscribe to the service will get access for free to the entire library of books, and Bloomies has partnered with Amazon to bring this content to the Kindle, Nook, and Apple apps.

Additionally, the service offers the opportunity to earn Bloomies Points, which are earned when people subscribe to Bloomies products.

The points will be used to buy additional Bloomies books.

Statt, the author of “The Best Is Yet to Come,” said he believes that his book will be featured in the new Bloomys service.

“I know that a lot of people want to know what I’m doing, and I hope that the Bloomies publishing platform will be a platform for them to connect to the stories that matter to them,” Statt said.

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