Online bookselling company Scribner Publishing has announced plans to launch a range of new online booksellers and online book services, including one that will offer customers a free Kindle edition.

Key points:The company will be launching two online bookselling companies on the same day at the same timePublishers are concerned about digital book sales going upThe new services, which will be available to customers on a monthly basis, include a subscription model and a subscription-only offering.

“It’s about the right time for bookstores,” said Andrew Molesworth, president of Scribner, in a statement.

“People want to buy books that are more personal, more personalised, more personalized, and more personalized to them, rather than just one title that comes out every few years,” Mr Moleswater said.

“We have a new offering that will allow customers to have the right book to choose from when they want it.”

In addition, we are going to offer a subscription service for our existing customers that will let them keep reading and buying for as long as they want.

“That’s where we want to go with this new offering.”

Bookselling companies have been trying to compete with the Amazon Kindle, which has proved so popular that it now competes with some of the world’s biggest booksellings, including Barnes & Noble and B&N.

“I think there’s been a lot of talk about bookselling being out of reach of the younger generation, but it is really not,” Mr Parnell said.”[It’s] a great opportunity to be part of this.”

Online bookselling is already available to consumers, but there are no online retailers in Australia.

“Amazon and BN both offer an Amazon book as a free book, but I don’t think that’s going to work for many people,” Mr Kowalski said.

He said it could be worth a try to try out the new service, which would allow people to order books online and receive them within a few hours.

“You can order a book online and get it delivered to you within five minutes, or you can pick up your book at your local bookshop and go home,” he said.

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