India’s biggest technology company, DoubleClick, has teamed up with Facebook to share information on mobile websites to help it improve its search algorithm.

DoubleClick’s acquisition of the search engine giant last year sparked an outcry from consumer groups and activists who claimed it was an attempt to grab mobile users’ data and monetize their browsing habits.

The company has responded by announcing a partnership with the internet-advertising company that is based in Ireland, according to The Times.

The partnership will allow DoubleClick to build a data platform that will allow its data partners to better identify and target advertisements based on user interests.

The news comes amid a backlash from Indian lawmakers over Facebook’s data collection practices, which include monitoring user activity and targeting ads based on their interests.

“We believe that data should be transparent and fair, and we want to support a robust and open ecosystem where we can all learn from each other,” said Akshay Singh, CEO of DoubleClick.

The new partnership, which also includes Google and Facebook, will see DoubleClick use the combined data it gathers to help with its efforts to improve its ad-buying and search-indexing algorithms.

In a statement to the Times of Indian, a Facebook spokesperson said that it is a “very exciting day for India” as it brings to light “some of the best data in the world” about its users and how they use the internet.

“The data that DoubleClick collects on Facebook users is valuable for a variety of reasons.

For example, it helps to improve our ad targeting and improve our search ranking,” the spokesperson said.

The move is also seen as an attempt by the company to appease lawmakers who are unhappy about the practice.

The government has introduced new rules in the wake of the WhatsApp scandal that aim to protect citizens’ privacy online.