Entertainment Weekly asked our panel of top ten publishing executives what they’re most excited about in 2017.

It’s the 10th annual list, and this year the top 10 publishers are all owned by publishers whose authors have also written books for them.

Here’s what they said:1.

Simon & Schuster (Simon & Schusters)The Simon & Stoughton imprint was founded by author J.M. Barrie and is considered a literary powerhouse.

It publishes over 10 million books each year, including a number of bestsellers, including The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and the upcoming The Queen of Katwe.

Barrow’s best-selling books include The Life and Times of Henry VIII and the new James Joyce book The Odyssey.

The imprint has been a favorite for decades, with Barrie among the top-selling authors in the country.

Simon and Schuster’s books have been translated into many languages, and Barrie also wrote the award-winning The Book of the Dead, a children’s book about a ghost and a mummy.

The Simon & Shuster imprint will also publish The Princess Bride, which will premiere on HBO on March 27.2.

Penguin Random House (Penguin Random House)Like Simon & S& Schuster, Penguin Random Book Group has been one of the most popular publishing houses in the world for decades.

It owns titles like the The Book Thief, The Lady Who Waited and The Cat in the Hat, which are among the most famous literary properties of all time.

Penguin is best known for publishing titles like Pride and Prejudice, Pride and Zombies and The Great Gatsby.

Its imprint also publishes books such as The Lord of the Rings and The Princess Diaries.

The Penguin Random house is also one of only three publishing houses with a literary imprint that also has a literary division, the other two being Random House and HarperCollins.3.

HarperCollins (HarperCollins)Harper’s imprint is the oldest publishing house in the United States, and the publishing house has been the home of books for generations.

It has books such the popular novels The Princess and the Pea, The Princess Mockingbird and The Secret Life of Birdsong.

Its newest publishing hit, The Lion King, will debut in March 2017.4.

Scribner (Scribner)Another literary powerhouse, Scribner has been publishing titles such as Jane Eyre and Jane Eyres Chronicles, the award winning The Chronicles of Narnia and the award winner The Princess Royal.

The publisher is also known for its popular children’s books, including the acclaimed Little Red Riding Hood and The Little Mermaid.5.

HarperTeen (Harley-Davidson)Harley Davidson’s imprint, which publishes some of the biggest and best-known children’s publishing imprints, is a must-have for any child, as its books have sold millions of copies.

The company has a strong line-up of books including The Jungle Book, the beloved animated series, Winnie the Pooh, The Little Prince and the popular Harry Potter series.

Harley-Davidison has also been a pioneer in the field of teen-aged reading.

The Harley-Davidsons newest release, Little Red, will premiere in March.6.

Hachette (Hachettes)Hachets publisher is a huge influence in children’s literature, as it is responsible for such classics as The Little House on the Prairie and The Simpsons.

The children’s imprint also has titles like The Lion , The Lion Guard, The Jungle book, The Hobbit, the Pirates of the Caribbean and many others.7.

Harper Collins (Harrington)Harrington is a publisher with many imprints.

Its books include the iconic Goosebumps books such Little Mermaid and The Lion and the Sword, as well as the bestselling novels The Jungle books, The Lord Of The Rings, The King Kong movie and many more.8.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HoughtonMifflin)HoughstonMifflins has been synonymous with children’s fiction for more than 100 years.

It is a great place to start reading for a new book, and its imprints are always in high demand.

The Houghtons latest book, Love at First Sight, is slated to debut in May 2017.9.

Penguin Group (Powell’s)Penguins imprint, a subsidiary of the publisher Penguin Group, is known for many of the classic children’s titles that are in print today.

It also has several titles in the best-sellers list, including Dora the Explorer, The Magic Garden, The Adventures of Octavia, The Wonderful World of Peter Pan and many other classics.10.

Harper Voyager (Harvard)Harvard University has been an important force in publishing for over 150 years, with over 40 imprints that are famous for their books.

Many of the imprints published books by authors who also went on to write for other publishing houses, including authors such as Stephen King