The next major print publisher to close its doors, the BPL, is also facing the prospect of shutting its doors.

The Brisbane-based publisher, which publishes more than 1,500 titles, announced last week it was closing its doors in September.

Bakery Publishing Group, which had been a staple in the local newspaper market, will no longer publish local news in the print edition.

Its online and social publishing will remain, but will be split between the BPG and the publisher of the Queensland Herald.

The announcement came after Fairfax Media, which owns The Courier-Mail and The Courier Sun, announced it was selling its newspapers, along with its digital news service, The Australian, to a group of investors led by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

The newspaper publisher, based in the Victorian town of Goulburn, had been owned by Australian News and Media Group since January 2016.BPG chief executive officer Paul Williams said the company’s digital business was thriving.

He said he hoped it would survive.

“We have been able to remain in business because of the quality of our content,” Mr Williams said.

“Our customers have bought and subscribed to our digital platform.”BPG had published more than 7,000 articles in print and online since it was founded in 2014.

But its online content has struggled to catch up with the rise in social media.

Baker’s business model is based on advertising, which costs the company about $600 a month, while it charges $20 to buy digital news and features.BPL chief executive Paul Williams says the company will not publish in print.

“The reason that we haven’t been able with our online content is we’ve run out of advertisers,” he said.

“The advertising business has grown so much and the growth is not going to continue.”

But he said he was confident in the future of the business, which is owned by Fairfax Media.

“It’s very exciting, but I think at the end of the day we’re a company that we have to have a vision for and that we’ll be able to achieve,” he told the ABC.

“But we have the capacity to continue to be a local publisher and I think we will be able continue to do that.”

The Queensland Herald, which also runs the Brisbane Courier Mail, will continue as a standalone newspaper, but the sale will see the publisher and the Herald merged under one roof.

Mr Williams said Baker’s new ownership would allow him to focus on a range of digital initiatives, including a new mobile app and the creation of an app store.

Bakers owner Paul Williams (pictured) said Baker would continue as an independent publisher, but not publish print.

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