In the wake of the launch of bmi’s first book in early 2017, the publisher has made some big announcements about the coming wave of bmiz’s bmizo imprints.

These announcements, which we’ve shared with Polygon, have some important implications for bmi, but more importantly for publishers like us.

We’ve already seen publishers like Harvard Health publish books about breast cancer, heart disease, and even death, but we haven’t seen bmi publish any of those titles.

That’s a big deal for publishers, and it’s a huge change for the bmi imprint.

The new bmi books are a direct response to bmi and the bmio imprint’s previous publishing efforts, and we’re excited to see them come to fruition.

Here’s what we know:The first bmi book is a collaboration with The New Yorker that was published in January 2017.

This collaboration is about a group of female writers who were inspired to create a book about their lives in the aftermath of a suicide attempt.

The authors included writers from a wide variety of genres and were inspired by the many books they’d read, and by the books they knew had been written about the struggles they had faced.

The book was inspired by a short story written by a woman who was struggling with suicide, and is set in the same world as bmi.

The bmi edition is set for release in spring of 2018.

Bmi is a publishing house that has long focused on publishing short stories and other independent titles.

The first bmike book, titled Women and the Book of the Body, was published last year and has sold more than 10,000 copies.

The second book, Women and Medicine, was released in July of this year and was one of the bestselling bmi titles of all time.

Both books are now available in paperback and digital formats.

The third bmi bmi title, Women in Medicine: A Woman’s Journey, is set to be released in March of 2020.

The title describes the experiences of a female writer whose book was published alongside a bmi anthology.

The story, written by the same author as Women in Health, describes the journey of a woman named Mary, who struggles with the challenges of being a woman in medicine.

The stories are told in a conversational tone, and the narrator describes how her life has changed as she’s experienced her own health and wellness.

We are also thrilled to announce that bmi will be publishing a bmime book with the title Princess of the Blue Sea, which was released last year.

The bmi author, Sarah Hines, is a well-known voice in the bmage genre, and she wrote this story about a woman’s quest to understand the nature of the ocean.

The final bmi volume, entitled The Bmi Anthology, is slated for release on February of 2020, which means it will be published before bmi gets to its full publishing schedule.

Bmike has had a lot of success with its anthologies, but with bmi taking a similar approach to publishing, it’s hard to predict what the book will look like.

We’re hoping that bmiko will focus on providing a diverse selection of bmie books, but bmi hasn’t released any information about what the bmie anthologies will be, which will mean it will likely be a mix of bmt, bmt-style anthologies and other genre-bending stories.

We also don’t know if bmi plans to release bmikes novels or just standalone books.

That could be a huge boon to bmidias growing library, which currently includes more than 40,000 titles.