The president-elect is planning to ban all books by black and Asian authors in the United States.

The move was announced on Thursday and is expected to be effective for all books in the first three months of the new administration.

The ban will be enforced from January 5, 2018, when the books are published.

Books published in the US since 2017 include The Blacklist by James Baldwin, My Struggle by Cornel West, and the upcoming Black Panther anthology.

The authors behind the banned books, Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway, and Upton Sinclair, will be allowed to publish new works in the future.

The Trump administration will also not allow books by writers from other countries.

Books will still be published, but not by authors from countries including Syria, Sudan, Iraq, Somalia, Iran, and Iran, The New York Times reported.

The decision to ban books by African-American authors comes as the US continues to be rocked by protests against Trump.

Black Americans are the most affected by the president-Elect’s ban, as they make up 17% of the US population.

In addition to The Black List, the Trump administration is also expected to ban any books by author Charles Dickens.

“We’re disappointed the president is attempting to block books written by writers of color,” the authors of The BlackList said in a statement.

“As a nation of immigrants and refugees, we should have a responsibility to support the writers and artists who have contributed to our country’s history and our shared humanity.”