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What a disaster! The GOP's disastrous retreat from ObamaCare coverage » Publisher


The American College of Cardiology has published a report that finds that the GOP’s ObamaCare replacement is an absolute disaster for the American health care system.

This is because it fails to address the real problems that lead to people dropping their coverage and insurers leaving states, and the fact that premiums continue to skyrocket in the individual market.

In a report titled, “Medicare as We Know It Is In A Racket,” the AACC says that the Republican bill “would likely leave more than 20 million fewer Americans with health insurance coverage than the American Health Care Act of 2017.”

In addition, the AHC would leave many Americans with more expensive premiums than they are today.

“We’ve seen this in the Medicaid expansion under Obamacare,” the report states.

“It didn’t take long for some states to reach the point of no return and that resulted in tens of millions of people losing their coverage.

The GOP bill is the same.

It’s just the way it’s being done.”

The AACC report comes on the heels of another report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office that found that the AHCA will cost more than $1 trillion over 10 years.

The CBO said that the bill’s coverage expansion will leave about 40 million more people uninsured.

While Republicans insist that the American public would not be negatively impacted by a repeal of ObamaCare, they also point out that they will not be able to implement it.

“The repeal of the ACA will cause serious disruptions to health care coverage and services,” the AHC’s text says.

“Repealing the ACA would have a far greater impact on coverage and service provision than repealing the Medicaid expansions.”

As it stands, the AHCC report notes, more than 2.3 million people currently have insurance.

As of April 1, only 683,000 of those people had their premiums covered under the AHCs ObamaCare.

But that’s still a large number, and it will likely only grow in the coming months as the GOP tries to make good on their promise to repeal the law.

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