Posted November 07, 2018 08:37:37The Smartphone of tomorrow is the tablet of the future.

For the past two years, we’ve been hearing about the convergence of smartwatches and tablets in the mainstream.

We’ve also seen an increase in the number of smartphones on the market.

But what does this mean for the future of devices?

Will the convergence continue?

We spoke with Dr. Paul Dejesus, president and CEO of Apple’s Research and Development Lab (R&D) about the future, and the challenges facing a company like Apple, which is also building the smartwatch, tablet, and phone.

What will this mean in terms of the mobile phone market, and how will we deal with the rise of connected devices?

Q: How do you envision the future?


Apple Watch: It’s a very smartwatch.

It’s got a great display, it’s got an app that can show you the time, it has some other cool features.

It just looks like a normal watch.

Q: iPad: It looks like an ordinary tablet.

But you can have a tablet, a phone, or an app.

It does what you want it to do, which you can do from the dock.


Smartphone: The screen on this is pretty impressive.

It has great battery life.

It will be able to run on all kinds of battery life, like the kind of battery that a normal smartphone can handle.

We’re looking forward to having this tablet experience.

Q.: Tablet: We can have apps, too.

We’ll have a full version of our favorite apps.

We will have something similar to the iPhone, with a tablet experience as well.

Q., Apple Watch, iPad, Phone: It is the most versatile smartwatch you can buy right now.

Q&r: Apple Watch (with Retina Display): Very versatile.

I love the fact that the watch is on the wrist.

I can take the watch anywhere, like, anywhere.

It can be used as a GPS unit.

It also has a GPS, and you can turn it on and off.

It is super versatile.

Q.; iPad: We love the Retina display.

We like that the screen is on top of the wrist, but the whole thing is on your wrist.

It makes the whole experience really simple.

We want to do a lot of things with it.

Q; Phone: I have an iPhone 7.

I have a phone.

And I can do anything.

So I have some apps that I can use with the watch.

But it’s not that I want to use them.

I just want to be able.

It feels great to be in control.

Q:, Apple Watch 2: It feels really good.

It doesn’t feel like a phone anymore.

But there is a lot more to it.

I think it’s going to be a lot easier for users to use it.

That’s what I like about the Apple Watch.

Q.–iPhone 7 Plus: It has a screen that’s huge.

It really looks like the iPhone.

But I can wear it on my wrist.

The screen is just a lot bigger.

Q.-iPhone 8: I like the display.

I like it.

And it’s more convenient.

You can wear this on the back of your wrist, like you’re holding the phone.

It looks cool.

Q.) iPad: I can just wear this in the pocket and be able use my phone.

I’ve got a phone and a tablet.

I’m just looking forward that there is something more to my phone experience.

There’s a lot to be done.

Q,, iPhone 8 Plus: The new iPad Pro is very powerful.

It gives me more control.

You will be better able to control things like music and more.Q