The Juventus vs, Sampdori match-up is the next one to get underway in the upcoming tournament.

The two sides will be joined in the opening game on Tuesday evening by Napoli vs. Torino, a match which will be held at the San Siro Stadium.

Napoli have not lost since November of last year, and have won their last two Serie A matches, with Sampdora losing to Fiorentina in the Champions League last month.

Both Juventus and Sampdore have had good form this season, winning two Serie B titles and one Coppa Italia.

It is expected that this match will be played in the same stadium as the last one, in the south of Italy.

Napolos last win in the first leg was in the Coppa italia final on February 6, 2018.

The match will kick off at 7pm, and will be shown live on TV.