An independent publisher group is warning that Amazon is becoming the world leader in the business of publishing short stories, with its own independent publisher now the second largest publisher.

“We’re talking about one of the largest publishing companies in the world,” said Mike Gaughan, the executive director of the Independent Publishers Group, an independent publisher of books, graphic novels and other books.

“Amazon is now bigger than the entire book industry in Australia.”

“Amazon has gone from being the second biggest publisher in the industry to now the largest.”

Independent publishers group CEO Mike Gatheran says Amazon is taking a leading role in publishing the next generation of short stories.

Mr Gaugha said Amazon’s position in publishing had changed since the launch of its Kindle platform.

“It’s very different to the book publishers that used to be the world leaders, the people that you used to call the world kings,” he said.

“Now Amazon is the king.”

They’ve been able to get away with it because of the Kindle platform.

“Amazon was the world king when it came to selling books and graphic novels before it launched the Kindle in 2009.

The Kindle was sold to Amazon for $99.99 in 2012, and has since become the worlds biggest bookseller.

Mr Kaman, an entrepreneur who runs the online platform, said Amazon was the biggest publisher on the planet.”

What’s happened in the last year is that Amazon has become the king of short story publishing,” he told ABC Radio.”

And it’s a very big change for sure.

“I think it’s the biggest change in publishing since the internet first happened.”

Publishers group chief executive Mike Gaghan says independent publishers have seen a big jump in the number of titles published through Amazon.