A new publishing school is coming online, and it’s going to publish books on its own terms.

The new business, called Berkley Publishing, says it will publish books for self-publishing as well as traditional publishing houses.

It’s launching a “self publishing school” in the city of Berkeley and is aiming to get up to $2 million in funding from the California Teachers Association and the California Institute for Technology to launch the business.

The venture is part of a push by tech companies and publishers to open up new ways for students to learn and publish.

The Berkeley venture is a big step forward in that direction.

The college is already part of the California Association of Colleges and Schools (CalACS), which has long been pushing for students and parents to be more involved in publishing, especially with books like “The Art of Self-Publishing” and “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.”

The new school, which opened up last week, aims to take some of that advice to the classroom.

The students will be taught by Berkley’s digital-first director of publishing, Aaron Stolberg.

The company will be open to the public, offering a website, online courses, a digital library, and more.

Students will be able to make money selling their books online by selling copies or selling their book digitally.

The business will offer a 10 percent commission on sales, Stolbrigge told Recode.

That’s in addition to a 10-percent discount on Amazon, which is part-owned by Amazon and part-owner of the school.

The school will offer online courses that will give students “real-world lessons,” including how to sell books and how to write a book.

“It’s really a whole new way to do publishing,” Stolbroberg said.

“We want to make sure that students can make money on their own terms, not on the terms of their parents.”

The Berkley school will be a co-op, meaning that students will have the option of paying their own way through tuition and fees.

There will be no admission fees, Stalberg said, and the school will also charge no fees to students.

The Berkleys new business is part in a push to open new ways to learn.

The college is a part of CalACS, which has been pushing to open a new way for students, parents, and students to publish, especially books likeandThe company is launching a new business called Berkleys self publishing, which will publish on its terms.

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