Creditor Roberto Sanches is suing his former publisher, My Publisher’s Son, over his claim that he was pressured out of the company in 2012.

Sanches, who is also a member of the club’s academy, said he was “pushed” out of My Publisher Sanches was a member, a position he held for more than four years.

The player told La Repubblica that he took the position after he was told by the publisher that his name would be put forward for a contract extension.

Sancs’ lawyer, Marco de Cossa, said in a statement that Sanches had no control over the decision of who would be considered for the position.

He added that the player would be able to choose the right people to be his successor.

“He can decide, however, which of the other candidates will be his replacement, without the interference of the publisher.”

The player claimed that he had to sign a contract with the publisher after he found out he was being considered.

The contract did not specify whether he was to be a player or manager, but the player said it was “not a question of whether he would be a manager” but of the job title.

Sanches said the publisher had told him he would not be given a second chance at the club, as it had been his previous position.