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Microsoft Publisher's Free for Business program gets some attention » Publisher


Microsoft is announcing new support programs that offer a free trial for some online publishers in the United States and Canada, a move that comes amid growing pressure from publishers to make the services more attractive to customers.

Microsoft said Monday that it is offering a trial of the Publisher’s Digital Preview program to a handful of publishers in each of those countries.

The new program, available only to publishers that are listed on Microsoft’s website, is similar to Microsoft’s Publisher’s Gold program, which is available to publishers and content providers.

Publishers can sign up for the Microsoft Publisher Digital Preview service at a trial price of $29.99 a month.

It includes an online shopping cart, trial subscriptions to Microsoft Publisher apps, and free trial access to Microsoft Edge and Publisher Preview apps, among other benefits.

Microsoft also announced a new program that gives publishers free trial subscriptions for some Microsoft Office software.

That program will also be available to new publishers.

Microsoft’s new program is similar in structure to the Publisher Gold program that it launched in 2015, but it offers different benefits, including faster download speeds for some applications.

Microsoft has also launched a new app that it said will offer publishers an opportunity to monetize their Microsoft Office applications and services.

Microsoft Publishing said the new program was created as a way to “provide publishers with the opportunity to provide a competitive advantage in their digital content distribution platform, while continuing to grow their customer base and help them deliver more value to their customers.”

“Publishers need a compelling product to attract and retain customers,” the publisher said in a statement.

“The Publisher’s Program will provide them with the tools to help them get there.”

Microsoft has long struggled to find the right formula to help publishers monetize digital content, and its publisher-friendly policies often led to some publishers cutting ties with the company.

The company has been working on a new publisher-centric strategy, known as the Publisher Partner Program, which aims to encourage publishers to work with developers to create new services for their platforms, and it has recently started a partnership with Microsoft to create a new tool to help its publishers build better digital content.

The Publisher Partner program was originally announced in 2015 as part of the company’s efforts to bring more developers to its platform, including to Microsoft.

It was part of a plan to make its products more accessible to developers.

Microsoft Publisher said it had been planning to expand the Publisher Program for at least the next year, and the company said the program has grown significantly over that time.

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