By Michael Allen – 18 months ago This article was originally published on October 17, 2016.

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A new way to discover, share and discover with your friends.

The Daily is a new publishing platform that aims to offer new ways for publishers to publish content online, through the integration of Amazon Direct Publishing.

The platform’s goal is to provide a “more personalized experience” and allow “new ways to discover and share content with your readers.” 

The platform launched in early August as a way for publishers of all sizes to reach new audiences.

The “Daily” is a free, ad-supported platform that allows publishers to sell content and sell advertising through a simple online shopping cart.

The app has a number of features, including a search function, a marketplace for buying and selling products, and a “shared” shopping experience that allows users to shop across all of their platforms.

The publishers can also sell on the platform directly from the publishers catalog. 

As mentioned above, the platform is designed to help publishers increase their visibility, increase their ad revenue, and create a “new way to find, share, and discover.” 

As part of the platform’s launch, Amazon partnered with The Daily to offer a free trial of the app.

The trial was free for a limited time.

The free trial period ended on November 2 and will expire on December 15. 

What does Amazon Direct publishing mean for publishers?

Publishers who have previously purchased content through Amazon can now get the “Daily.”

The platform will also provide new ways to monetize content and increase their revenues, and “allows publishers to focus on their core audience, while delivering more personalized experiences for readers.”

Amazon has been working on a number updates to the platform since it launched.

One of those updates is the “Pricing and Delivery Update” that adds new “marketing features” that help publishers deliver their content more efficiently and with fewer ads. 

In addition to the pricing and delivery updates, Amazon has also been adding “Ads” to the marketplace.

The ad-based pricing and ad-free marketplace is meant to help the platform increase revenue while also “giving publishers the tools they need to get the most value from their content.” 

A free trial is a good thing, but Amazon also has plans to add paid features to the app in the future.

In addition to “Daily Deals” that allow publishers to buy ad space on the website, Amazon is also working on adding “Daily Promotions” that will allow publishers who sell on The Daily directly to promote their content. 

These will allow for publishers “to add the best ads to the front page of the website and promote it with an ad-targeted link to their own website.” 

For publishers who want to use The Daily, they will also need to pay a monthly fee of $9.99. 

“The Daily” is currently available for free on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. 

Read more about Amazon Direct in this TechCrunch article. 

Featured Image Credit: Amazon

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