Bookseller John Lefkowitz, 66, of Green Lake, Wis., was laid off from his job at a bookshop in Milwaukee on Wednesday and told by the owner that he would have to fork over some money.

Lefckowitz said he worked at the Green Lake Bookstore for 23 years and would like to stay but said he could not afford to.

He said he was told by his manager that he owed $1,400 and was told to pay the difference between the amount of the paycheck and his credit card bill, which he said was about $400.

“I’m having to take out a loan,” he said.

Lufkowitz said the store owner asked him to sign a waiver and said he would give Lefbeck credit for $200 if he paid the difference.

He asked Lefsow to sign the waiver on the store’s website, which it didn’t have, and said Lefskowitz had not done so.

“He was very rude,” Lefson said.

“It was so rude that I’m not going to sign it.”

Lefkosow told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he was offered a job in a different book store in Milwaukee but couldn’t find the one that would allow him to stay because of the debt.

The store owner told Lefkwowitz he could either work at the new store or find a new job elsewhere.

Ldefkowitz has worked at Green Lake for 23 year, said Lufkso.

“That’s why I decided to work at a bookstore.

It would be nice to be able to spend time with my wife,” he told the newspaper.

Lecksow said he will try to contact the owner.

Lafkowitz is a native of Chicago who has been a bookseller for almost 30 years.

He was born in Chicago, but moved to Wisconsin when he was a toddler.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

He worked at several bookstores before his retirement, but said that was mostly because he was “too old for bookstores anymore.”

Lofkowitz did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Associated Press.

The Milwaukee Journal reported that Lefksow told employees he is on a disability retirement plan, but that the store was not aware of his disability status.

Lofksow has lived in Wisconsin for 40 years.