Ars Technics’ online magazine Ars Technicas will be available on all major platforms starting today.

The new digital publication, which will be launched on Monday, is aimed at providing a “more robust and comprehensive resource for journalists” to share content and information, according to Ars Technictimes’ editor-in-chief, Matt Waldman.

The publisher’s site will also include a “digital editor,” who will be responsible for the design and layout of Ars Techniques articles, and a “social media manager,” who has been in place for a few months.

The company will also hire a new marketing team and will hire some of the people who helped the previous site grow.

Waldman also said the new digital edition will be free of ads and will be “part of a larger trend toward digital media and digital distribution.”

It’s unclear when the publication will go live.

Ars Technicon previously reported that it would go live next month, but it has not said when it will.